Community Center at Churchfields Recreation Center

Churchfield Recreation Ground is an important public use open space along west of Edmonton Green Area near Great Cambridge Rd. This recreation ground is being used by Alevi Federation members and also local community.

Mostly for outdoor activities such as football, volleyball, community gatherings. The recreation field`s function is essential in terms of well-being of the community. It`s offering a great open space facilities, however it has lack of ancillary facilities for the activities taking place on daily basis. Such as changing rooms, public toilets,
play equipments storage, cycle store.


“We have worked with Mr. Eser Gungor on our community centre project recently. He has led the
project with success and professionalism. He has blended the community members' opinions well
into the project successfully and he guided us in the right direction on this tough project during
negotiations with the local authorities. He has delivered the project in time with a great effort.
We have been completely satisfied with his performance.”

Israfil Erbil – Chairman at British Alevi Federation

Principal Designer

Formed Lands






Public Building

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