What’s unique on our services?


1-We guide you from the concept to the completion to get the best out of your project.


We as formed lands support and guide our clients throughout their entire building journey, helping them navigate the challenges that can arise during the often lengthy process. Our extensive experience covers everything from initial conceptual design to ‘design & build‘ services. We’ve successfully completed numerous full refurbishment projects throughout London. This includes hands-on management of site teams, daily managing full refurbishments and new build projects, interior refurbishments including bathroom and kitchen renovations, side and rear extensions, outbuildings as well as roof conversions.


2-We are quick and flexible to deliver the design and permissions without going over budget. 


Our long standing and extensive experience spans over architecture, interior design and product design. With our strong design skills and expertise in tackling complex planning issues, we excel at providing planning drawings quickly and affordably. We’re very well experienced with the East and North London councils and have a solid track record of working with many London councils.


3-We are a ‘design & build’ practice led by architectural designer Eser Gungor. 


formed lands is an award winning ‘design & build’ practice led by architectural designer Eser Gungor. Our studio offers an end-to-end service, taking you on a seamless journey through the architectural and/or design process from the first ideas, its concept and finally into its execution.



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1-Design & Build & Project Management


2-Architectural Design


3-Interior Design & Bespoke Carpentry

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Our services span over architecture to interior design to product design to project management and build services.


‘Design & Build & Project Management’


We serve as the principal contractor, initiating the process with an initial client conversation. Following this, we conduct a site visit and survey to understand the client’s requirements thoroughly. We offer initial advice based on their ideas and proceed to prepare a detailed estimate. Once the price is agreed upon, we allocate our builder team, led by our main trade, and establish a timeline. Specialist tradesmen, including electricians, plumbers, and carpenters, to be brought in as sub-contractors along the given construction timeline.


“We provide builder services with the architectural designer`s vision and lead.”


Architectural Design


Phase 1: Outline Design (Including Planning Application)

Discuss and then develop the brief with the client. This makes sure targets are realistic and everyone’s expectations align. Produce a simple feasibility study. This will include hurdles in the project. We will then make suggestions to gather further information or meet statutory obligations, e.g. you might need a Party Wall Agreement; a drainage or soil survey; structural appraisal; or we might recommend pre-planning advice from the local authority.


Produce ‘existing’ drawings. For house extensions and renovations it’s common for us to carry out the measured survey and produce the existing drawings. Produce a concept design. This usually starts with sketches for further discussion with you / seeking your approval. Prepare drawings and documents for the planning application and make the submission to your local council.


The architectural design services might stop at this point. You would then instead work directly with your builder (contractor) to develop the design and specify materials, finishes and fittings. However, we recommend our clients to take the ‘traditional’ route and continue with us since we are capable of doing design & build.


Phase 2: Detailed Design and ‘Tender’ 

We, formed lands as your architectural designer prepare drawings and a specification for construction. At this point we will also submit plans to building control. All drawings and specifications are then bundled up and given to your chosen builders for their quotations and timescales. If a builder’s quote is acceptable, you will sign a contract and building work can start. This is the next stage that the architectural design services might cease. The hefty design work element is over now so this next phase represents a smaller proportion of overall design fee. However, it can really pay off having us continue to be involved during construction even for a small house extension, especially if you’ve never done a building project before. We are also able to quote your construction project and undertake your construction project with our core inhouse team and trusted subcontractor database.


Phase 3: Construction Phase

We will administer the contract. We will make site visits at certain important stages in the build to check work is done on time and in line with the drawings/specification if only design services are given. If you want to pursue the construction project with us, for instance, if you change your mind on any elements of the design, we will manage this process and make cost/time adjustments for your approval.


Once certain phases are completed, we ask your or your architect to check all the works satisfactory. We will ask for a practical completion approval, following this six month ‘rectification’ period begins where we come back to fix any relevant outstanding issues. The final certificate is issued after this and the balance is paid.


Interior Design & Bespoke Carpentry


Previously, we have worked with interior design firms for years and managed and delivered many interior projects which makes us experienced in details. We have delivered many bespoke kitchen, cabinetry, bathroom design and build services. We have access and working experience with a large number of trades and builders. We are capable of giving build quotations for your full interior refurbishment projects which is over 50k budget limit or over with our large scale subcontractors database. 


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